A day of reckoning has always been upon us but we just never believed it was coming. People all thought it was a myth or just a fairy tale to scare people into acting right, but deep within us all we felt that it was true.

In this apocalyptic book begins in a small town called Tullahoma where a major change has come. People in this town are all starting to go to church. They are following the way of Christ. Or at least that is what they believe!

In the city next to it called Nashville one man is trying to change the type of energy we use to better our world. The only problem is he isn’t considering the cost it could have on the Earth. Regardless of how many times he is told about the consequences.

Four people will coincidentally come together to try to stop the inevitable but then they find out it was not a coincidence at all.

In this town and city, a fight between good and evil is about to begin. The only question is, which side are you on? But the real surprise is where it all begins and where they all connect! Where and how far will Jesus go to bring his children back to Him? Do you think there is a place he is scared to go?

This apocalyptic Book will blow your mind!

What People Are Saying!

     MR.RD is a christian author who is always looking for the good in everyone. 

R. Callis 

     MR.RD is an author that is not afraid to challenge the status quo. His books are the right books for our times- inspiring, empowering, and can be applied to everyday life. 

C. Lynn