My Brother Jesus (The Christ) is a book about a boy named Tyler who is growing up being Jesus’ brother. Before we begin let’s set the setting. Imagine that one day you are a regular boy and the next day you are the brother of Jesus Christ. In today’s time, in today’s world. Picture That!!! Not in the past like the bible days but right now!!! Picture you literally waking up in the morning, going downstairs and saying good morning Jesus as you eat your breakfast!!! Now you can probably see why this will be one of the top books about Christianity already. Because probably none of your best Christian fiction authors have done this before. It probably has you thinking already. Am I correct?

So, sit back and image how would you feel and how would you react to being the brother of the Prince of Peace in this day and age? As Jesus brother would you make the right choice? Maybe you would be doing too much in life trying to prove to yourself that you are a Christian. Or would you always have to be coming back to god after backsliding? Then trying to read some of the bests books about Christianity to understand the one who is always beside you instead of just asking and praying to Him.  Well don’t think too hard because no matter how close you are to Jesus you still mess up!

In this book you will see the different obstacles that Tyler faces in his life. His ups and downs as well as his accomplishments. Throughout this book you will read about his relationships with women, friends, Jesus and himself. As well as personal issues he had. You will even see at sometimes how he felt like he knew better than Jesus. That is when the real problem comes in his life.

What People Are Saying!

Great read! This books connects faith to your current life and time. Worth the read! 

A. Graham 

This book was a God send! 

D. White