With thousands of books out there with 100’s of personal questions to ask yourself with each one saying every question is for you. The 30 is a book which focuses on asking personal questions to someone you know or yourself. In this book not every question will be for you. There might only be 3 or 4 that obtain to you but they all will help inspire you or someone else.

See, unlike other books that tell you what to do after asking personal questions. The 30 inspires you to choose between two options in each question to figure out what you truly need to do to make sure you get out of your bad situation. Or maybe help a friend understand that it’s something better out there for them.

It wants you to sit back and really analyze your life to see what the true plan God has for you and your life. Don’t expect this book to tell you what to do. It is just giving you simple but profound personal questions to ask yourself which will change your life.

Questions you should have asked yourself a long time ago.

What People Are Saying!

Very informative and thought provoking reading. This book explores God’s purpose and plan for your life!

W. John

MR.RD is a christian author who is motivating people to live right and to ask themselves the hard questions.

B. Wicks